Quality and E-learning in capacity building

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Having a validated quality framework to evaluate your e-learning courses is crucial and essential. During our yearly Lifelong E-learning course we have evaluated several quality schemes such as:

Quickscan : “A quick orientation to all the relevant aspects of e-learning as part of a full assessment procedure including the entire manual that gives you access to 33 e-learning benchmarks.

Open ECBcheck: A new accreditation and quality improvement scheme for E-Learning programmes and institutions in international Capacity Building.

The last quality scheme is exactly focused on E-learning programmes in International Capacity Building. It is based on a low cost concept of assuring and certifying quality for technology enhanced learning activities.  It provides international e-learning benchmarks that can be consulted through several interesting tools. ITC-ILO is actively contributing to this initiative. Have a look at the:

–         Open ECBCheck Toolset for self assessment of institutions which are running programmes.

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