Off-line E-learning?

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Looking at the Internet Penetration Rates internet is becoming more accessible worldwide. However some regions do still face access issues (connectivity, infrastructure, …). An argument institutions use to put e-learning initiatives on hold. Much wiser is to walk on parallel tracks and provide alternative off-line strategies until internet access can be guaranteed. This blogpost is an invitation to join our list of  off-line initiatives, useful in bandwidth poor contexts.

Getting access to off-line content and information

Wikimoulin : is a  project which aims at distributing wikimedia knowledge to people in developing countries.

Creating and authoring content for off-line purposes

ExElearning: is a off-line content creation tool that allows you to produce entire learning objects. These learning objects can be used off-line (USB stick, CD-ROM, computer) and are SCORM compliable.

Courselab: is another easy to use e-learning authoring tool where the final output can be published on CD-ROM or USB.

Running content or programs in an off-line virtual environment

Portable Apps : is a platform that runs from your USB key with all the open source programmes that you want to use (Open Office, Gimp, Skype, …)

Poodle: is an application that allows you to run Moodle content  off-line from your USB key. If you want to know more about Moodle offline solutions, download the following L&T paper.

Using mobile technologies that go beyond internet

FrontlineSMS : allows you to communicate with large groups of people through SMS

Any other suggestions you would like to add to this list?



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