Social media is becoming more and more important, also for learning and training institutions.  In the upcoming ITC-ILO WebforDev course a community of practicioners will evaluate the impact  of web 2.0 trends in the field of learning and training. Do we use social media in order to innovate the way

Today DELTA has launched the fourth edition of Lifelong E-Learning. In the upcoming weeks a group of 15 international participants will explore the educational landscape of new learning technologies in a collaborative way.  Interesting practices that result from this group and that are relevant for this blog will be shared.

Probably the notion of Community of Practice (CoP) has been one of the most used concepts in the domain of learning, training and knowledge sharing. While a lot of references are made to original articles of the founding father Etienne Wenger, through this article we would like to compile key essential resources

Twitter has been non-stop in the news lately. According to EDUCAUSE we could consider Twitter as an on-line application which is part blog, part social network application and part mobile phone/IM tool. Users update on a regular base their network in 140 charachters on their projects, ideas, experiences, thoughts, …  and

UN Staff College initiated a United Nations knowledge campus last week in order to share knowledge and experiences on technology enhanced learning in the different UN agencies. The on-line campus hosts a catalogue of e-learning courses available within the UN system and highlights some interesting e-learning exhibits. This week several

Last week ITC-ILO participated in the annual E-Learning Africa conference, held in Dakar this year. It is the opportunity to share the latest insights and trends on technology enhanced learning used in projects all over Africa. 1315 participants from 85 different countries ensured a rich input and interesting conversations. DELTA

Mobile voice and data communication is more and more accessible and affordable in developing countries. Only in Africa there are more than 280 million mobile phone subscriptions. People who had never access to a phone landline, a computer, or a car own now a mobile phone. Organisations take this communication

Networks are powerful tools for sustainable development. In the scope of this learning and training blog we would like to stress the importance of networks in learning and training. This blogpost would like to highlight the “Work the net – a management guide for formal networks” from GTZ. Based on

Needs analysis, training evaluation, designing a training session, selecting training methodologies and tools, facilitating a training….etc. Have you heard those expressions lately? Do you wonder what they imply and how they fit together into an integrated process? The ADDIE instructional design model provides a step-by-step process that helps training specialists

Due to economic pressure training organizations are reducing their training budgets.  Demand in self-directed e-learning is increasing. DELTA recently got a lot of requests to design and development some of these self-guided e-learning. What are some of  the possibilities? Rapid E-Learning To understand what it is about, let’s look at