What is your story?

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Tired of delivering your presentations in the same old way? Try storytelling. It is maybe one of the oldest training methods. Storytelling is a powerful vehicle which can carry information in an interesting and engaging way. With the exponential growth of emerging technologies storytelling finds now also its digital counterpart. The vehicle (called digital storytelling) equals now the variety of multimedia technologies and techniques to produce stories. The technology is off course of second importance but it gives you the practical advantage to reach wider audiences.

According to EDUCAUSE constructing a narrative and communicating it effectively requires one to think carefully about the topic and the audience’s perspective. Storytelling would therefore enhance the degree of motivation and engagement from the learner.

To explore some examples it might be useful to check some of the cases of the Centre of Digital Storytelling.

For instructional tips we refer to the digital storytelling cookbook and additional material that is added below in  a short reference list.

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