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What does it all mean for ITC-ILO in the way we should design and deliver training?

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Tom Wambeke

Some colleagues asked me to have access to video’s off-line. Therefore you need to download streaming video’s. In order to use it off-line (in classes), you can try or

robin poppe
robin poppe

I effectively used this video in the introductory session of the workshop on “Strategic Planning raising awareness of companies about Combatting Gender Stereotypes”. It was relevant as the video helped change misperceptions and provided data that was unknown to most of the audience. A good teaser!

T. Betchov Heidrich
T. Betchov Heidrich

This clip implies that there are many potential impacts for the ILO, in particular for the world of work, overall global demographics, as well as for ILO staff in the are of recruitment,career development and learning. It would be a good awakening and inpirational message for ILO staff. I will try to start by sharing it with my own community of colleagues.
Somehow, it’s all a bit frightening, isn’t it?