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Capturing the attention of your audience with a powerful presentation is not an easy thing to do. Powerpoint (or Impress, Keynote, …) are just tools and not always used at its full potential as you may see in the next presentation.


The Turin Learning Approach indicates that presentations in activities cannot take more than 40% of the available time. To use this time in the most optimal way we collected some presentation tips for you:

1. Look for tips from professional designers. Inspiration for a more professional design of your slides you can find on Presentation Zen. It introduces you to complete new techniques of presenting a subject, taking the Lessig method as a practical example.

2. Inspire your collegues and share your slides on Slideshare, the so-called youtube of Powerpoints.

3. Use new technologies to give your presentation a new dimension. There is much more out there than powerpoint. Try Prezi for example.

4. Follow the brainrules when you prepare a presentation.

We conclude with a final presentation that highlights some tips when you actually deliver the presentation. Do you have any additional tips?

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Tom Wambeke

This article from BBC :”the problem with powerpoint” is quite complementary with the previous blogpost. Have a look at it >