L&T Podcast #1: ‘New methods of knowledge sharing?’

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Throughout the creation of The Compass, a toolkit for the enhanced design of learning activities, it was frequently noted that contemporary methodologies starkly resemble the traditional practices of many Indigenous Peoples. In order to further explore this paradigm, Karen Moir interviewed Marc Steinlin on the matter.

Marc is the Founder and Director of Ingenious Peoples’ Knowledge (IPK) and has extensive experience working with Indigenous Peoples in the past. In this podcast, a variety of methodologies are discussed within the context of modern learning trends.

Podcasting can be used in a variety of circumstances to enhance learning activities. This example was produced with a simple Skype recording plug-in in combination with easy to use open source editing software (Audacity).

The Compass will be launched in January 2011. The launch of the on-line tool will be announced at this blog and a hard-copy will be accessible for staff from Learning Resources and Information.

Listen here to the podcast with Marc Steinlin

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