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Explaining concepts in clear instructional language is often a challenge. During one of the Lifelong E-learning sessions last week at the Campus we experimented with the “In Plain English” technique. This technique tries to fight complexity with simple tools and plain language.  For example: you want to know more about ‘social bookmarking’ to improve your online knowledge management. Check out this instructional video:


Instructional video’s can be a powerful visual tool to introduce you to a specific topic. The difficult thing is to find the right video’s for the right topic. The article ‘70 signs of Intelligent Life at YouTube‘ can be your first help in search of valuable learning and training content.

More Common Craft video’s on specific web2.0 technologies which might interest you:

– on blogs: [youtube=]
– on wiki’s: [youtube=]
– on social networking: [youtube=]
– on RSS: [youtube=]

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