Human centered learning design

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Organizations, institutions and businesses have applied human centered design to find innovative solutions to problems and challenges. Why not apply these principles and methods to the world of learning and training? The HCD toolkit, developed by IDEO might be a good starting point as it walks you through the entire human-centered design process that according to IDEO will support you in activities such as building listening skills, running workshops, and implementing ideas.

To view the toolkit throughout a learning lens is the challenge that we are currently undertaking. We just selected some of the questions that we would like to submit to the IDEO innovative design perspective:

Can we

– bring radical innovation into learning?
– better understand and capture the needs from our learners?
– find alternative methods for monitoring and evaluating learning?
– diversify the set of learning and knowledge sharing methodologies that we are currently using?
– explore whether training is the adequate solution for some of the needs that we identify?

Any other questions you would like to explore? We will keep you updated on the answers we encounter.


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