“Gamifying” Employment Policies

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Last week we experimented the use of Socrative.com, a free web application that offers an easy and friendly experience to trainers to engage and assess their learners.

We then organized a Space Race!

The Space Race is one of the features offered by Socrative.com that allows turning an old-fashion quiz into an intergalactic trip.

The learning objective was to let participants assess their learning in small groups, review and reinforce the knowledge acquired during the training.

Time: 40 min


  • 1 tablet/laptop per group;
  • Flipcharts where to provide the PIN codes for learners to access Socrative virtual room;
  • 1 big screen where learners can see their rockets;
  • Internet connection


  • Learners are divided in groups;
  • Learners are informed that they are going to play the Space Race game asking them to review the knowledge acquired during the training;
  • Each group is provided with a tablet or a laptop and the link to access Socrative web-application (socrative.com);
  • Learners choose the “Student Login” and enter the PIN code that enable access to the virtual room;
  • After having entered the PIN code, the groups are asked to provide a name and to select their team’s rocket colour (e.g. Blue, Magenta, Lime, Peach, Violet)
  • Now they can start racing! Each group competes with other groups;
  • There are 20 questions, quite short but with multiple choice answers.
  • If participants answer correctly, their space rocket will advance accordingly on the space board. If they don’ answer correctly, their space rocket doesn’t move.
  • The WINNING TEAM is the team who answer the highest amount of questions in less time, therefore achieving the furthest distance.
  • At the end of the game it’s also possible to download the results and check what are the questions that have been answered correctly/incorrectly and eventually discuss in class.



– The activity constituted an energizer exercise suitable for an after-lunch session;

– Increased discussion and reflection, and team sharing as learners were forced to discuss together each question before submitting the right answer;

– Learners were forced to go through all the quiz questions, therefore being exposed to a comprehensive knowledge check;

– It was fun: cooperation and competition were key elements;


Things that need to be considered:

– Clear instructions to learners at the beginning;

– All teams should start at the same time

– First provide instructions, then allow learners to access the Space Race;

– Make sure all Space Race questions are well formulated;

– Make sure the main computer does not freeze or sleeps otherwise the advancements of the space rockets is blocked;

– Print the results of the Space Race for the facilitator to comment at the end of the exercise;

– Have groups of 4 people max. to make sure interaction is adequate


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