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Yugma is a web-collaboration service that enables people to connect over the internet to communicate and share content and ideas using any application or software.
“Yugma” is a word from the Sanskrit language meaning “togetherness”, “the state of being in unified collaboration.”

Easy to use, free in its basic version, it allows on-line sessions with up to 10 remote connections, letting users conduct virtual meetings or “webinars”. The new 3.0 version integrates Skype. For free. Enhanced features (on payment; free for 15 days after registration) allow to use presentation tools and interactive whiteboard, to share files, run teleconferences, record sessions, share keyboard and mouse, schedule sessions and increase the connections (up to 500). But the basic free version is a great tool providing all the necessary features.

For registration, activation and use, the site is:

by Carlo Zampogna

To know more, apart from the site:
the blog: http://www.yugma.com/about/about_blognews.php
videos: http://video.google.it/videoplay?docid=-7369811147993316212&hl=it

My Personal experience:
I used Yugma (version 2) in March 2008 to present a new DL platform to a remote workshop. Working on my PC at office, the screen was projected in real time – and commented through Skype – in a seminar in Mauritius. So it was possible to illustrate the application according to the questions of participants. A lively event at no cost. Remote participants were happy to discover the tool, that will be used again to train the local staff in taking ownership of their DL site.

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