100 facilitation tips?

We are moving from managing trainer focused events where experts transfer their knowledge to participants, to facilitating participants’ learning processes by supporting them develop the most adequate responses to their needs and those of their organization. This implies a radical shift in the trainer’s abilities. What counts is not to effectively transfer a predetermined message, but to help individuals with diverse needs and expectations to achieve their learning goals. In group training this is even more complex as the challenge increases with the number of participants in the group.


During the last year and taking advantage of several events and workshops, a list of tips for facilitators has been collaboratively established. The number of 92 tips has been reached, the objective is to reach 100 quickly.

Download the tips here. Will you suggest any missing idea?

Robin Poppe

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  1. bryan murphy
    14th January 2011 at 10:24 am — Reply

    KISS – Keep it Short and Simple
    Help people understand you by using clear language
    Avoid jargon
    Do not turn tips into dogma

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