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Organizations recognize that knowledge (information, skills, expertise) constitutes a valuable asset for creating and sustaining competitive advantages. The creating of knowledge sharing platforms supports this process.  As a sample we would like to share with you LEMPNET, the Learning Employers Network, launched by the programme for Employer’s activities with technical support and advise from DELTA.

Lempnet ( is an Internet platform dedicated to the employer organisations’ community around the world. Lempnet is a tool for knowledge sharing and learning amongst employers.
The objectives of Lempnet are first to provide information on training opportunities for employers and secondly to strengthen the worldwide network of employer representatives and experts.



By Jeanne Schmitt

The services provided on Lempnet are:

  • A Catalogue of Training Courses (of our programme) with the possibility to manifest interest
  • A Training Needs Analysis survey so that employer organisations’ needs are taken into account in training activities
  • A specific section for participants to courses called “My training workspace” where participants are be able to find all the information, training documents and assignments of your course, to upload documents and photos and also to network with participants and tutors
  • They can directly email and skype any of the participant
  • View their profile and/or launch discussions with fellow participants on any relevant item
  • News related to the employers community and the possibility to post one’s own news (so why don’t you post yours?)
  • A list of interesting websites and their updates directly visible on Lempnet in the RSS feeds section
  • A customised Google Search Engine to make research on employers’ related websites
  • A Newsletter and experts’ Interviews
  • The possibility to give one’s opinion in polls
  • An Expert Database in which trainers and experts can submit their CVs

What other kind of functionalities could be part of a knowledge sharing platform?

Suggestions and ideas welcome !

For the future, the objective is to get the platform running and ensure an adequate flow of visitors of course, but also to use the platform for distance learning modules before and/or after the F2F activities ..

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