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To consolidate or acquire new competences implies both formal and informal learning. These are more efficient if facilitated by trainers able to construct knowledge in a collaborative manner… The Turin Learning Approach defines parameters to guide trainers in their role as facilitators.  In this video, trainers talk about their learning experience in becoming familiar with it: have a look at it and take a glance of the TLA!


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Arshad Baryar
14 années il y a

your programme is very fine and building the capacity of many practitioners all over the world.

14 années il y a
Reply to  Arshad Baryar

Dear Arshad,
thanks for your comment.
Please let us know if you are interested in participating in this year edition. We are collecting the applications these days. If so, please write to the course assistant Emanuela de Marco: e.demarco@itcilo.org


Monica Lisa, course manager

Danesi, Jafar A.
Danesi, Jafar A.
14 années il y a

Dear Monica,

I want to participate in theis course. Please forward to me detailed information concerning registration and possibility for a partial scholarship to enable me attend this course in Turin.