Enhancing learning for Effectiveness

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Enhancing Learning for Effectiveness”  is Train4Dev’s new methodological guide on design, implementation and evaluation of Joint Learning Event. It was presented in Brussels during the last annual meeting of the network and is the result of a truly collaborative process. The assignment was coordinated by the Turin Centre and we could count on the strong commitment of the team that brought this guide into existence: the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation, GIZ, UNDP, UNSSC, the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, FAO, CEF, and Lux-Development.

The wealth of knowledge, experience and tools embedded within the Train4Dev network, was pulled together or emerged from the hidden corners of complex institutional structures. It took time and patience and endless efforts to ensure that the guide would meet the required quality standards and suit the need for strengthening the learning methodologies, as identified by the network. The aim is to contribute to the shift of Joint learning events from traditional top-down training to purposeful participatory learning events where participants share as well as acquire knowledge, compare and enhance their practices, and rely on process facilitators, not only on subject matter experts. Only after this guide will have been used by a large group of training managers and trainers will we know whether this demanding objective will be achieved.

It is hoped that this small brick in the wall of joint learning for development will contribute to the noble mandate of the network to “add value as facilitators of joint learning, in areas of high priority for aid and development effectiveness”.

Download the guide !

Robin Poppe

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