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In a recent on-line survey among colleagues on learning and training methodologies the need for more presentation and visualization techniques was expressed. Techniques in a nutshell that could be used in their daily learning and training. Last year we had a blogpost on learning and training in an audiovisual world and this post aims to add some other interesting and useful audiovisual ideas.

1. You might know already about the periodic table of visualization methods but maybe you could use some visual thinking guides in order to explore some more arguments in your discussion.

2. Mindmapping is widely used in training, collaborative mindmapping less. CmapTools is pretty handy in order to structure the key concepts while making a mindmap. Do you want to see some samples of mindmaps go to the overall Mappio database.   While reviewing this database we thought it might be handy to make a mindmap of every useful training method or technology. The idea came up when reviewing the mindmap of the Six Thinking Hats of De Bono .

3. Use relevant videos in your training. Recently we integrated fragments of the EPAs from EU-tube in a training programme. Lot of colleagues think it is difficult to find relevant videos on the net but we do invite them to double check « 80 signs of intelligent life on YouTube » .

Any other audiovisual tips for this blog?  Feel free to add them in the comment section.


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