NEW ToT Certification Programme: supporting trainers in a continuously changing workplace

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Several Programmes have been designed and implemented in a competency-based manner at the Centre. Among those, there is the Competency Based ToT, which has the vision of blending the competency-based approach with learning innovation.

A competence is a fusion of values, psychomotor skills and knowledge that leads to valuable and effective performance in different environments.

The Training of Trainers (ToT) Certification Programme is a recurring capacity-development event that serves as a meeting place for capacity-development policy-makers, practitioners, trainers, facilitators, knowledge brokers, chief learning officers and staff development specialists. The goal is to facilitate the exchange of knowledge on the latest methodologies, technologies and approaches to learning innovation, and to prepare participants for official international trainers’ certification.


The ToT Certification Programme offers a wide spectrum of innovative learning approaches, tools, methods and technologies, that participants will experience and contextualize. Each participant will be treated as an individual, with their specifi c background, values and challenges to overcome. Similarly, each participant will be regarded as a valuable contributor, with a unique perspective, experience and stories to tell.

The programme has three components:

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The ToT Certification Programme is open to all practitioners who design, implement and evaluate courses for human development. Trainers, teachers and facilitators who are aiming to improve their pedagogical competences and seek certification are welcome to this Forum.

What happened in 2016 edition?

TOT Forum on Sustainable Learning Solutions for the Future. by Delta ITCILO on Exposure

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