Learning Lab on innovative training design

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From Tuesday 09/09 until 11/09 ITC-ILO will host a LearningLab in collaboration with Architects of Group Genius . This three day workshop will focus on innovative, collaborative and interactive learning and training experiences. An excellent opportunity to review our own training practice, find some inspiration and explore innovative ideas. We will use this moment to introduce this T&L blog to all ITC-ILO colleagues. These three days will create an opportunity for knowledge sharing. The T&L blog will continue that knowledge sharing experience before, during and after the workshop.

To prepare for the LearningLab, we ask you to bring an object, symbol or image that represents a powerful, unusual, meaningful learning experience that you have had. The following image might be a good start to jump into this new kind of learning experience.

What is yours?

Click here for a visual overview of the entire learning lab.

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