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The first blogpost of 2010 wants to look into the already present future through exploring the potential of augmented reality. It consists in a mix of elements from the real physical world with elements from a virtual computer generated world. Through these virtual elements the reality is augmented in real-time. Tom Caudell, a Boeing researcher defines it as following: «Augmented reality is the interaction of superimposed graphics, audio and other sense enhancements over a real-world environment that’s displayed in real-time.» For a lot of learning professionals this may sound quite technical. This is why we introduce the following movie which explains some practical learning applications based on augmented reality.


«The overlaying of digital data on the real world»

What are the pedagogical possibilities according to you?

– Explaining complex three dimensional objects towards your audience. It visualizes information in a very effective way.
– Exploring three dimensional landscapes, geographical positioning, scenarios for disaster reduction management, showing how your campus is structured and organized.
– Learning different skills with virtual indications on how to proceed (check the movie where someone learns to play piano in this way)

any other ideas?

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