Learn4Dev Annual Meeting in Turin

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From 28th to 30th May 2018, 47 people from 28 organizations came to Turin for the Annual Meeting of the Learning for Development (Learn4Dev) network, organized by the ITCILO.

Founded in 2003, Learn4Dev is an international network of development organizations from different backgrounds. As the most important event of the network, the Annual Meeting is an occasion not only to strengthen connections within the network but also to create learning scenarios together with new partners and stakeholders.

The theme of the 2018 Annual Meeting was “Potential Futures of Learning for Development”. Participants shared their ideas about the potential futures of the Learn4Dev network and provided possible solutions to the changing learning settings.

The three-day-long meeting focused respectively on potential learning scenarios regarding the future network. Divided in different groups according to a specific topic or common area of interest (learning innovation, Fragility and Crisis Management, Knowledge Management and Organizational Learning…), participants brainstormed and came up with potential joint initiatives and ideas to support implementation of Sustainable Development Goals.

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