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To consolidate or acquire new competences implies both formal and informal learning. These are more efficient if facilitated by trainers able to construct knowledge in a collaborative manner… The Turin Learning Approach defines parameters to guide trainers in their role as facilitators.  In this video, trainers talk about their learning

While working on the CoMPASS (the ITC-ILO in-house toolkit on learning methodology and technology) DELTA has been reviewing several toolkits. For this blogpost we would like to highlight one of them. The Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation launched a knowledge management toolkit for knowledge sharing and learning, called “Dare

Networks are powerful tools for sustainable development. In the scope of this learning and training blog we would like to stress the importance of networks in learning and training. This blogpost would like to highlight the “Work the net – a management guide for formal networks” from GTZ. Based on

The cloud of words this month is completely focused on LEARNING. This means that one of the keywords of this blog is fully integrated in most of your contributions and reflections. The last months have generated more than 20 articles from different colleagues and the blog is reaching visitor nr.

Professionals not only keep track of to-do lists but also of to-learn lists.  This new concept is explored in the Learning Circuits Blog and it might be an interesting question to explore whether to-learn lists could engage people into continuous learning.  There are some of the learning-circuit questions that could

After an initial pilot phase of this blog it might be interesting to explore some of the keywords which are reflected in this blog. We have generated a cloud of tagwords with Wordl and the result is the following: The Learning Lab of last week inspired us and  a lot