Collaborative writing. The world of wiki’s.

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Writing together in team on an article, a publication, a project or a toolkit, it more and more happens in the wiki way. If wiki still sounds chinese for you have first a look at wiki’s in plain English.  Almost ten  years ago the wiki way of building collaboratively knowledge started to grow slowly with Wikipedia as it’s most successful example. Now more and more organisations rely on wiki’s to support the collaborative writing process. Avoiding endless e-mail-conversations with word-documents that lost track of versions, the wiki-approach allows groups easily to work together in one document just by clicking the edit-button and start the writing process.

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International Certification for the Lifelong E-Learning course

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The Lifelong E-Learning course received its first international quality label for e-learning for capacity building. An intense review of the entire programme through peer review of international experts took place before granting this quality label. The ITC-ILO has proven its excellence in delivering e-learning supported capacity development together with other international institutions such as the Food and Agriculture Organisation, the United Nations Institute for Training and Research,  the World Bank Institute and InWEnt – Capacity Building International.

The sixth edition of Lifelong E-Learning is planned in June 2011 and registration are currently open. A community of international professionals from developing countries will work, communicate and collaborate together during five weeks in a community of practice to improve technology enhanced learning within their institutions and organisations.

The international certificate can be found here.