ITC-ILO capturing interesting practices at E-learning Africa

Next week the E-Learning Africa conference takes place, this time in Kampala, Uganda. It’s the yearly meeting where more than thousand e-learning specialists (mainly African) gather to share interesting practices, to network and to learn about new learning evolutions around the African continent and globally.

This year we will participate to highlight some of our Mobile Learning Practices experienced in Uganda, Kenia, Tanzania and Zambia with a very specific focus on ‘youth’ and ‘entrepreneurship‘.

A joint ILO – ITC-ILO team will be present to capture good practices during the conference and will document them here in this blog to share with you.

If you are interested in specific trends, tools and technologies, let us know and we will capture them for you. Based on our recent projects and applied research we are very interested in the following teams:

crowdfunding sustainable learning solutions through the enhanced use of social media

interactive pedagogical scenario’s through sms based low end mobile devices in rural settings

applying ‘design thinking’ methodologies in the field of e-learning and mobile learning for development.

What are you interested in?


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