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Sharing practical experiences between employer organisations is an important component of the courses organised by the Programme for Employers’ Activities. Why?

  • Because even in the best libraries there isn’t a book about how to strengthen employer organisations;
  • Because we want participants to go back to their organisations with tools ready-to-be-implemented;
  • Because we believe tutors and participants are part of the same “employers’ world” where each of us has something to learn from the others as well as something interesting to share.

Tutors own experiences in employer organisations are crucial. Case studies can also be presented. But how to make experience-sharing lively, informative and focussed so that we remember it and then apply it?

by Jeanne Schmitt

There probably are many ways. The Programme for Employers’ Activities chose to embark in a project to record “testimonials” from employer experts on video.

These testimonials allow sharing practical experience within the employers’ community on issues relating to the content of the training courses. The personal experiences bring to life what might otherwise only be seen as somewhat artificial exercises: Testimonials bring to the light hints and tips that cannot be learned from text books. Testimonials are a great tool to either launch a discussion on a particular issue or illustrate a point with some practical advice …

Our ultimate goal is to build a testimonials-library that, over time, will include the valuable experience from a comprehensive range of the leaders of industry and the employer movement. For the time being we have interviewed 25 different experts on different issues and, once all testimonials will be edited, we will have around 50 video testimonials ready to be shared with participants.

Interested? Listen to our colleague from Jamaica and learn how the employer organisation combats the skills mismatch between school and enterprise.


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