Filming and sharing participants exchanges – part 1.

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Human capital
Let’s start with bit of maths. Three open courses a year (on average, per trainer) and 21 participants (on guesstimate) per course. That’s around 63 people, almost as many nationalities and professional backgrounds. Year in, year out, multiplied by the number of trainers on campus (how many, 40, 50?), that makes for a lot of people…

These people, their knowledge and experience, constitute one of the main asset of the international courses we run on the ITCILO campus. And our training methodology, the famous Turin Learning Approach (yes, it is famous, isnt’it?) is largely based on getting the most of this incredible human capital.

For some time now, I have included in my programmes specific sessions dedicated to participants exchanges. But I wanted to go a little further, and in particular, I wanted to remember these exchanges and I wanted that the participants themselves remembered them. So I thought about filming them.
One of the first test examples you can find here.. More extended examples will be presented later.

by Nicolas Serrière
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Facilitation method: Peer Assist

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During several training sessions we have tested out the ‘Peer-Assist’-technique to let participants identify challenges and share experiences. The best way to introduce you to the specific methodology is to watch the following movie.


This animation is based on the peer assist methodology as outlined in the book Learning to Fly – Practical Knowledge Management from Leading and Learning Organisations by Chris Collison and Geoff Parcell (Capstone Publishing, 2001, 2004).

by Tom Wambeke

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A Web Collaboration tool

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Yugma is a web-collaboration service that enables people to connect over the internet to communicate and share content and ideas using any application or software.
«Yugma» is a word from the Sanskrit language meaning “togetherness”, «the state of being in unified collaboration.»

Easy to use, free in its basic version, it allows on-line sessions with up to 10 remote connections, letting users conduct virtual meetings or “webinars”. The new 3.0 version integrates Skype. For free. Enhanced features (on payment; free for 15 days after registration) allow to use presentation tools and interactive whiteboard, to share files, run teleconferences, record sessions, share keyboard and mouse, schedule sessions and increase the connections (up to 500). But the basic free version is a great tool providing all the necessary features.

For registration, activation and use, the site is:

by Carlo Zampogna

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Facilitation method: World Café

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DELTA conducted a ToT-training on innovative and participatory facilitation methods last week for UN Peacekeeping in Brindisi. One of the used methods was called ‘World Café‘. It is a innovative methodology to host conversations with questions that matter. Basically you bring people together around café-style tables that are set in conversational clusters. Each table is hosted by a ‘facilitator’ which introduces a relevant question on the subject matter topic. The host visualizes together with the table members all the key ideas right on the table (which is covered with flipchart Paper).

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