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rss A lot of colleagues have heard about RSS but so far did not use it on a daily base in function of their professional activities. RSS (Really simple syndication) can be explained in a really simple way. Therefore we invited you to watch RSS in Plain English.

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Screencasts have become a regular application in distance learning programs. They capture your screen, add audio narration and usefull comments and they fit for creating interesting demonstrations or hands-on tutorials. It is becoming a popular technique for spreading high-quality knowledge at a low cost. Beth Canter gives us four reasons to use screencasts:

* as standalone tutorials, software demos, or orientation
* to clarify complex technical concepts
* to capture organizational knowledge about critical procedures or to convey expert tacit knowledge
* for beta testing a web site or software interface

[slideshare id=31246&doc=screencasting-for-nonprofit-6807&w=425]

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