Crowdfunding sustainable learning solutions

During the Learning Link we have addressed the economic dimension of sustainable learning, discussing the availability of resources for development training and how non-conventional sources of funding could be explored with the aim to increase the economic sustainability of learning institutions and their activities. One of the options to explore was the feasibility of crowdfunding which has been on the rise in the last 5 years. The Centre conducted a feasibility study on ‘micro-grants’ to give participants from developing countries the possibility to attend training or learning events in function of their professional development with a specific focus on institutional impact. We hope to organize in the nearby-future a knowledge sharing event on the results of this study as the complexity of such a project cannot be underestimated and we are keen to learn from fellow institutions who are interested in solving similar challenges. The exploration continues. Last week we launched a crowdfunding campaign on a specific training product that is highly in demand. Trainers and Facilitators who are currently using our toolkit were wondering if we could not produce a mobile deck of cards which visualizes this rich set of 60 training methodologies and technologies. In order to test the market specific demand we will use the crowdfunding channel. If you are interested in supporting this project, feel free to go to . A short instructional video about the new project is available here

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